I’m a bit behind on blogging. Since this fall maternity session it has turned into winter AND a beautiful baby girl has been born! I will be sharing her newborn photos…sometime…soon. In the meantime enjoy some fall colour!

He’s her lobster.

Boys will be boys.

Hands down the most beautiful person I know, inside and out. 

Whaaaat! Hey beautiful !!! (fave)



…..ok they are ALL my (fave) I just can’t choose.

Geeze. Like,how gorgeous is she !?! Colette you take my breath away. I’m so lucky to have you for a bestie. You are an amazing mumma, I’m so happy you went for number 3! Love you!!!

  • Colette - I’m crying. I love them so much Linds! So happy you asked me to do this shoot even though I was feeling pretty huge and uncomfortable at this point. Love them and love you too! So lucky to have such a talented BFF to capture all of our memories!

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  • Jenn - Great work! Love the lighting.ReplyCancel

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It was so great to finally meet this family! Mom and I have been social media friends for approx five years. I know this because I remember when she was pregnant with her youngest! Crazy how time fly’s and crazy how these days you can know so much about a person before you even meet. Starr is a wonderfully talented photographer from Saskatchewan, so I was quite honoured when she asked me to do her family photos on there trip out to the mountains! It was the coldest day, I’d been out shooting yet this season and the kids held up pretty good considering. I think they were mostly in awe of the mountains. I love hanging out with people in our Canadian rockies who don’t often get to, it always reminds me how seriously lucky I am to be so close. Truly a pleasure to meet you and your family Starr, you are all as lovely as I imagined!




My fave

Learning how to skip rocks with dad.

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