I woke up and looked out the window and squealed at how friggen pretty it was outside. Hoar frost is basically a photographer’s dream setting. Sadly, it just wasn’t on the itinerary. But! I did get out last year (februaryish) So here are a few pics of my rediculoulsly cute kid and some pretty trees.




I shot a wedding on Halloween! Yep, they dressed in costume and yep It was epic. Rory and Michelle are known for their amazing Halloween parties, so they decided why not throw a Halloween wedding! The guests went all out on their costumes and my face hurt from smiling by the end of the night. It was a real treat for me to photograph something so totally different then I’m used to. Thanks for having me me capture your day R+M!

Probably one of the coolest ring boxes I’ve seen.

I loved the that they gifted their beautiful daughter her “first” Tiffany necklace as part of the ceremony.

Rory is super funny. He’s always making her (and everyone else) laugh.

Hot damn Michelle!!!!!

The ceremony was formal, it was so fun to see everyone arrive at the reception

The ceremony was formal, so it was a pretty neat to see everyone arrive at the reception. The costumes were insane good! I didn’t recognize a few of them once they were all dressed.

Come and knock on my door….I’ll be waiting for you….

The Speeches were both funny and heart felt. You could really see how well loved Rory and Michelle are by their friends and family.


Needless to say this this was a FUN group!


Totally in love.

Congratulations Rory, Michelle and Cora! xoxo