My amazing SIL threw a killer Halloween party for the kiddos this year! I had to take a few snaps of all the spooky details, yummy eats and adorable kiddos. I’m pretty sure Mila had a sugar hangover after this afternoon, which meant lots of snuggles. Double score.


Haley’s Dad MADE THIS haunted house! It’s my most fave Halloween decoration ever!

Cutest Strawberry Shortcake EVER!!!

There were so many awesome details. Mostly supplied by Target (WHY, TARGET, WHY??? Please come back to Canada) and the dollar store.


Equally awesome was the food! So simple and SOOO GOOOOOD!

YUMMY MUMMY Hot dogs. Super simple. Hot Dogs+Pilsbury Dough. Wrap dog with dough. Bake till ready. Mustard (or ketchup)+candy eyes. ADORABLE+DELISH.

She thought they were ghosts and was saying booohhhhoooohhhhoooAnd of course some games and activities.

Everyone got to poke the pumpkin for a prize 

My fave prize, eyeball bouncy ball!

Meanwhile the littles made some scary play dough ghosts and pumpkins

A little Monster Mash dancing action.

Hot “pumpkin”

This is what happens when people use my camera. lol.

My favourite humans on the planet.lindsay-ross-photography-8982I hope this gave you some inspo for your own Halloween shindig. The kids had a blast. And the parents did too. Totally worth it. XOX


Mila and I like to hang out in the evenings and find places to photograph my clients. I love these nights. I get to practice with my camera and my favourite subject (for like 5 minutes) and we run and play and giggle and just enjoy each other and the outdoors. She is a little bundle of love. She greets everyone with a giant contagious smile and most likely a hug. She is starting to talk a lot and she comes out with full on sentences that make me laugh so hard. She makes my heart BURST with love and happiness. I’m extremely grateful for this amazing human and I’m pretty grateful I have a talent to document her in ways I can remember (because my memory sucks) all the little important details, like the sun on our faces in the crisp fall air and the way her pigtails swish in the wind and bounce when she runs. All the little details that I want to hold onto forever and always.
Love you so much sweet girl xox

Her back pack. She brings it everywhere and refers to it as her “cak cak” We are working on her pronunciation lol. Can you guess what she calls her socks…HA!calgary-family-photographer-5487

MOM you comin too? MOM

Last year her dad pointed out that sometimes I hold my thumb between my fingers. My whole life I never noticed I did that. Going through these photos I noticed, she does it too. Heart Burst.

“cold hands mom”

Moms scarf is the perfect little Mila blanket for chilly evenings.