Phil and Heather’s love is inspirational! I feel so fortunate I had the opportunity to capture their wedding story. I may have cried (3 times) at this wedding. We had a beauty day filled with lots of love, laughter and happy tears.

A special thanks to my second shooter, Jackie hutchinson of Jackie Hutchinson Photography. I was seriously sick this day and you were my rock!  Thank you for your beautiful images.

Congrats Phil and Heather, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.


LOVED that the flower girl collected her flowers as she walked down the aisle.

He knows how lucky he is!

One hell of a good looking wedding party!

She’s a pretty lucky gal too!

Gah! What a stunner!!!

The Palliser is all luxury. The food was AMAZE!

Coordinator:Angela O’Donoghue

Wedding Venue: Calgary Palliser Hotel

Florist:In Bloom

Assistant Photographer: Jackie Hutchinson

Videography: Doug Hudgeson

DJ: ‘local dj’ 

THE dress: Alexandra Grecco

Killer shoes: stuart Weitzman

Grooms Tux: Atelier

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I haven’t really blogged this season. I suppose I was super busy and trying to balance a whole lot, personally and professionally. But, it is one of my favourite parts of this photography gig. Laying out all the beautiful photos as a story. This session inspired me! I could not wait to get these photographs all together in a beautiful post. Could be because these kiddos hold a very special place in my heart and I haven’t photographed them in awhile. Could be how it was a last minute session and everything just worked. The kids were awesome and I enjoyed hanging out and catching up with them. The light was dreamy and the weather was better than average for this time of year. Or could be I’m finally starting to feel like a person again (a personal story that I may one day share with you) But I think it was just everything all rolled into one. I have been photographing these kids since I could only dream of turning out photos like these. They were some of my very first subjects, their mumma (my bestie) trusted me with her newborns and her memories and for that I will be forever grateful. I am so very happy that everything just clicked this evening. With this family. It was just what I needed to remind me of my passion and make my heart beat just a little bit faster.

Much love Wetherells


Usually I bring up the magical forest as we wonder in, but he beat me to it. “What. is. THIS forest” with so much excitement. Heart bursts.

This one’s got a strength to her like no other. I have no doubt that one day she will move mountains.

For her 10th bday she wanted red tips. I feaking love it! How did you get to be so grown up beautiful girl.

All boy.

Of course when I bring Mila on a session, that’s when she WANTS to be in a picture. Ugh. I should have known, she LOVES this girl


This lucky little lady has joined a very excited and loving family. She was pretty interested in staying awake for our photo session and seeing what all the fuss was about. I’m always so grateful when a family invites me into their home at such a magical time. and…newborn snuggles!